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This is the story of my ongoing experince starting up a recycling business for residential builders.

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I have worked in the construction field for the last 15 years. I saw so much recyclable material thrown away I thought someone needed to do something about it, I am that guy.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SuperBlogger: Rise In Copper Thefts

SuperBlogger: Rise In Copper Thefts

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I just hired my first helper for the shop, he is 20 years old and ready to work!
I don't think he has much intrest in recycling, just a paycheck. But I hope to turn his way of thinking around and to see what we are really doing and how much more we can do.
We have a lot to do as I set up our next delivery for Monday the 16th. I am hoping for the magic 10,000 pound mark in 24 gaylords. This will set things in gear for our new buyers in Chicago were we have a 20,000 pound minium delvery.
Till next time

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Recycled another load of vinyl siding

Well, I just got back from taking in a load of vinyl siding, 8730 lbs. I have been working on a way to get more per load but it isn't going very good. What I have been doing is cutting the siding down to 42' or less in length and put them in galords. The galords are approximately 45 x 45. When I first started I would throw it in any which way and In was getting about 300 lbs average. Then I stated to lay the pieces in all the same way and I am getting about 400-425 lbs average. I have been trying to figure out a way to get about 600-700 lbs average. I have looked into a baler and a granulator but the cost of these machines are out of our reach financially right now. So I am back to trying to somehow increase the load manually :)
Till next time.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Collecting Recyclable Waste

I started to collect recyclable construction waste about six months ago, this spring.
I was collecting the steel & plastic banding, cardboard, vinyl siding and any other steel generated on the site.

The framers would make a pile out of the way on site of the banding. The siders were putting their scrap back in the boxes in which the new siding came from and the heating and electrical contractors were also putting their scraps in boxes.

Everything was going good until I started to run out of room at the shop. In order to get a premium price you need quantity, and storage became a problem. Each item can be reduced in size with the right machinery which cost several thousands dollars for each piece of used equipment. Since I am a one man operation with no funding at this time, getting the machinery will have to wait.

So, what I have done is concentrate on two recyclable items, vinyl siding and cardboard. The reason for this is the vinyl siding is thrown away on every job site and it is usually repacked in the original cardboard boxes it came from. This makes it very convenient and I am not competing with anyone for this recyclable.

Time to get to work.

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